Cheatsheet: Hashicorp Vault REST API commands - in bash with curl and jq

Here is a cheatsheet / list of Hashicorp Vault commands that I created as notes for myself. All of these commands are public information, via

Vault Config and Cheatsheet

These instructions help you quickly set up vault using Docker. It also has a cheatsheet of vault commands for convenience. See official documentation for most vault documentation.

sshv - a Hashicorp Vault-aware ssh wrapper

For the last few months, I've been working on sshv, a Hashicorp Vault-aware ssh wrapper.

It looks like this:

How to configure an SSH CA (Certificate Authority)

I just posted a Gist on how to configure an SSH Certificate Authority, with visuals:

How to Configure an SSH CA, with visuals

How to Set up novnc on Windows using WSL

How to set up novnc via Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL):

How to Sort PDF bookmarks for free

There's no need to pay for Autobookmark or Evermap if you just need to sort your bookmarks alphabetically.

Shrink mkv with ffmpeg -- keep all subtitles and foreign language audio tracks

Below is a simple command to shrink an mkv file using ffmpeg -- i.e., convert mkv to mkv -- and keep all existing subtitles and audio tracks (which is NOT ffmpeg's default). You can use this overnight to shrink 25 GB MKV files to around 5 GB or so -- i.e., 80% smaller.

Preview (to test the results):

ffmpeg -nostdin -y -ss 1400 -t 30 -i /some/path/INPUT.mkv -c:s copy -map 0 -crf 24 /some/path/OUTPUT.mkv

Full video:

ffmpeg -nostdin -y -i /some/path/INPUT.mkv -c:s copy -map 0 -crf 24 /some/path/OUTPUT.mkv


Commented working code: Internationalization, i18n, gettext, and bash / shell scripts on CentOS 7.4

The following shows a working script with explanatory comments and Wikipedia illustration below to internationalize / i18n bash shell scripts on CentOS 7.4:

Understanding Docker Volumes: Dockerfile [VOLUME], docker-compose Volumes:, and shared data with Named Volumes

The DockerFile instruction VOLUME [ "/data" ] creates an anonymous volume mounted as /data that allows just 1 container to use it (unless you issue a docker run --volumes-from or bind mount it with docker run -v /var/lib/docker/volumes/9283:/data) until you docker rm that container. After docker rm, the volume remains but it's inaccessible by containers without a bind mount.

How to configure Websphere for LDAP using Microsoft Active Directory (aka MSAD)

I just created a video explaining how to connect Websphere Application Server to Microsoft Active Directory 2012.

Video: Kerberos, Active Directory, and Delegation

I just created a YouTube video that does a "deep dive" into Single Sign On (SSO) using Active Directory, Kerberos, X.500, and delegation.

Here are some topics covered:


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