Caesar: Computerize, Study, Remember -- Hack Your Learning

After several years of planning and work, I have finally published my first book! It is called Caesar: Hack Your Learning (Amazon) and it has its own website for updates. The book currently needs reviews. Interested in helping? If so, I will happily provide you a free copy in exchange for an an Amazon review, please contact me for more details.

Caesar explains how to (legally) use free and open-source software to accelerate your learning. Imagine finding a lost diagram or note from among thousands of pages of paper in about 5 seconds (see Chapter 3). Caesar explains how any modern computer can store and retrieve your complete collection of academic texts and notes using open standards, notably PDF (see Chapter 7). Lastly, the book merges ancient Greek memory techniques, such as Herigone's Mnemonic System, with modern research into human memory to show more effective ways to memorize anything from math formulas to people's names (see Chapter 11). The goal is to score higher on exams, continuing education requirements, and any other learning task--but to spend less time and have more fun doing so.