Cheatsheet: Hashicorp Vault REST API commands - in bash with curl and jq

Here is a cheatsheet / list of Hashicorp Vault commands that I created as notes for myself. All of these commands are public information, via

Vault Config and Cheatsheet

These instructions help you quickly set up vault using Docker. It also has a cheatsheet of vault commands for convenience. See official documentation for most vault documentation.

sshv - a Hashicorp Vault-aware ssh wrapper

For the last few months, I've been working on sshv, a Hashicorp Vault-aware ssh wrapper.

It looks like this:

How to configure an SSH CA (Certificate Authority)

I just posted a Gist on how to configure an SSH Certificate Authority, with visuals:

How to Configure an SSH CA, with visuals

How to Set up novnc on Windows using WSL

How to set up novnc via Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL):

How to Sort PDF bookmarks for free

There's no need to pay for Autobookmark or Evermap if you just need to sort your bookmarks alphabetically in Adobe Acrobat Pro. Just follow the steps below, which works for Acrobat on Windows and Mac.

UPDATE: 2022-06-21 If you don't have or want Adobe Acrobat Pro, you can now sort your PDF bookmarks for free, using python. See my Stack Overflow post

Shrink mkv with ffmpeg -- keep all subtitles and foreign language audio tracks

Below is a simple command to shrink an mkv file using ffmpeg -- i.e., convert mkv to mkv -- and keep all existing subtitles and audio tracks (which is NOT ffmpeg's default). You can use this overnight to shrink 25 GB MKV files to around 5 GB or so -- i.e., 80% smaller.

Preview (to test the results):

ffmpeg -nostdin -y -ss 1400 -t 30 -i /some/path/INPUT.mkv -c:s copy -map 0 -crf 24 /some/path/OUTPUT.mkv

Full video:

ffmpeg -nostdin -y -i /some/path/INPUT.mkv -c:s copy -map 0 -crf 24 /some/path/OUTPUT.mkv


Commented working code: Internationalization, i18n, gettext, and bash / shell scripts on CentOS 7.4

The following shows a working script with explanatory comments and Wikipedia illustration below to internationalize / i18n bash shell scripts on CentOS 7.4:

Understanding Docker Volumes: Dockerfile [VOLUME], docker-compose Volumes:, and shared data with Named Volumes

The DockerFile instruction VOLUME [ "/data" ] creates an anonymous volume mounted as /data that allows just 1 container to use it (unless you issue a docker run --volumes-from or bind mount it with docker run -v /var/lib/docker/volumes/9283:/data) until you docker rm that container. After docker rm, the volume remains but it's inaccessible by containers without a bind mount.

How to configure Websphere for LDAP using Microsoft Active Directory (aka MSAD)

I just created a video explaining how to connect Websphere Application Server to Microsoft Active Directory 2012.

Video: Kerberos, Active Directory, and Delegation

I just created a YouTube video that does a "deep dive" into Single Sign On (SSO) using Active Directory, Kerberos, X.500, and delegation.

Here are some topics covered:


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