Useful CVS commands

Some useful CVS commands:

Drupal, check out a contrib module: cvs -d co -d views -R HEAD contributions/modules/views

Drupal, check out latest HEAD: cvs -z6 checkout -d mywebsites/drupal_head/ drupal

Once you have a copy of the Drupal HEAD, keeping up-to-date is simple! Use the cd command to navigate your way into your HEAD directory, and then use:

Drupal 7 on Debian Lenny - PDO Troubleshooting

I just spent a very frustrating 2 days trying to install Drupal 7 after upgrading Debian Etch to Lenny. The issue is due, in part, to the new database abstraction approach, which uses PDO. My solution to the problem is below, as I explain here:


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